Black History Month

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The Clinton 12 was a group of African-American students that were required to go to Clinton high school 18 miles away in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1956. In the court case Brown vs. the Board of education U.S. Supreme court decided that segregation in schools was unconstitutional and that blacks had the right to learn in the same schools as whites. The same year this was decides was when the new school year began and for these 12 African-American students it was the begining of something new. Though this decision was something positive for the black community and it meant the initiation for change trouble began when white supremacists arrived to the town and spread their anti-integration propaganda. The arrival of these white supremacists caused the break out of violence and the choosing of sides in the town. Tension reached to a breaking point two years later when Clinton High School was blown up. Although they were put down everyday when they walked to school these students never gave up and continued to walk even with their fear of never coming back home. Fifty years after Clinton high school was integrated the Green McAdoo Cultural Center decided to get a filmaker to make a documentary to inform all those that do not know the story.